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PICO 4 Lens and Glass Screen Protection Kits

PICO 4 Lens and Glass Screen Protection Kits

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Crystal Clear Protection for PICO 4: Lens Protective Film Set

Preserve the pristine clarity of your Pico 4 VR Headset with our Lens Protective Film Set. This meticulously designed screen protector ensures high-definition transparency for both the lens and screen, allowing you to experience non-destructive picture quality. With two sets available, choose between comprehensive protection with 2 pairs of lens films and 2 pieces of screen film, or opt for a single set containing 1 pair of lens film and 1 piece of screen film.

High-Definition Transparency for Lens Clarity

Immerse yourself in a crystal-clear virtual reality experience with our Lens Protective Film. The high-definition and high-transparency lens film effortlessly restores the original picture quality without compromise. Enjoy the visual excellence of your PICO 4 VR Glasses while ensuring optimal protection against scratches and impacts.

Ultimate Screen Protection: Thin, Clear, and Impact-Resistant

Safeguard your PICO 4 VR Headset against scratches and scrapes with our screen protection film. Engineered to be clear, thin, and soft, this film perfectly fits the contours of your Pico 4, delivering a tactile experience akin to interacting with the real machine. Experience peace of mind knowing that your headset's mirror screen is shielded from sharp objects, ensuring longevity and unblemished clarity.

Comprehensive Set for Full-Fledged Protection

Choose the level of protection that suits your needs. Our Lens Protective Film Set comes in two variants, offering either a complete dual set for extensive coverage or a single set for straightforward protection. No matter your choice, you can trust our film set to provide top-notch protection without compromising the immersive quality of your PICO 4 VR experience.

Quality Assurance for Visual Excellence

Elevate your VR experience with confidence, knowing that our Lens Protective Film Set is designed for uncompromised visual excellence. Imbue your PICO 4 VR Glasses with the protection they deserve while maintaining the high-definition clarity that makes your virtual adventures truly immersive. Invest in the future of your VR journey with our premium Lens Protective Film Set.


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