Enter a Virtual Universe inside of the Virtual Realm!

Louisiana's High-Tech Virtual Reality Arcade!


Our VR Arcade is built for speed for a smooth VR experience. With the latest VR Technology available!

Enter one of our Simulation Capsules for a memorable VR Experience!


Bring your friends, and have an unmatched experience in the Virtual Realm.

Share your Simulation Capsules with your friends or compete head to head with the latest Multi-Player Games!

Special Events

Our facilities are available for special events!

  • Corporate Events
  • Team Building
  • Birthday Parties
  • And More!!!

Entering the Virtual Realm

Entering the Virtual Realm is easy!

Enter a Simulation Capsule and Get Ready!


Grab your headset and controllers and prepare to enter the Virtual Realm!

Choose your Game


Choose from our expansive library of games available for you to play.

Enjoy the Games


Easily switch between games in the library and play as many titles as you wish during your stay in the Virtual Realm

Now open in Baton Rouge, Louisiana