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We supply some of the best brands of AR smart glasses, to complement any gaming gadget collection. Equipped with high-tech functionality, our augmented reality glasses look slick and stylish. Combine your everyday view of the world around you with artificial images. Connectable to your mobile device, many of our AR glasses for sale are equipped with high-definition spacial retina, and a comfortable wearing experience.

With adjustable fit, the AR glasses will fit anyone.

All the AR glasses for sale in our online store are available to be delivered across the UK. Buy AR smart glasses on their own, or pair with compatible adapters and controllers.

Hands-Free Interaction

Fancy a portable cinema?

Users can interact with digital content and applications without needing to hold a device. Watch your favourite movies and shows on the go!

Brands we offer

We supply the best brands of Augmented Reality glasses, Glasses we offer are:

Nreal Air, Xreal Air 1, 2 & Pro, Inmo Go & Air 2, Rokid Max & Air, Lenovo T1, ENMESI V20 and HUAWEI.

All clients who purchase through Virtual Realm VR are encouraged to take advatange of our support and expertise.

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