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Bulk Ordering

Are you interested in placing a bulk order for our products?

We offer competitive discounts based on the volume of units purchased.

Additionally, we specialize in B2B deals and can provide tailored pricing and dedicated support to meet the unique needs of your business.

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Are you interested in partnering with the fastest-growing mixed reality company in the UK?

If you have an innovative product you'd like to feature on our website, we welcome partnerships of any scale.

We aim to establish enduring, lifetime collaborations.

Official Uk Distributor Of Aubika

Official Uk Partner Of Pimax

Official Uk Distributor Of Vive

Official Shipping Partner

Official Uk Partner Of AMVR

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Are you interested in collaborating on marketing initiatives, such as pop-up events or joint marketing strategies?

We are looking to create impactful and innovative marketing campaigns that benefit both parties.

By leveraging our combined strengths, we can enhance brand visibility, engage new audiences, and drive mutual growth.

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