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Aubika Elite & Adjustable Headstrap

Aubika Elite & Adjustable Headstrap

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Introducing our Clever Disassembly Structure, designed to seamlessly integrate with the Oculus Quest 2. With adjustable side buckles, equipping and removing it is effortless.

Experience comfort like never before with our Ergonomic Design, fitting head circumferences from 20.9 to 28.1 inches. The unique structure ensures even gravity distribution, reducing facial pressure for extended gaming sessions.

Expect durability with our Longer Service Life strap. Constructed with ABS+PC High-Hardness, Eco-Friendly material, it can withstand over 18,000 bends, promising longevity.

Cleaning is a breeze with the Quick Cleaning TPU pad, resistant to odors and stains. Simply wipe with a damp cloth for a fresh feel every time.

For convenience on the go, our strap easily fits into the official carrying case and most others on the market, making it perfect for travel. Carry your comfort with you wherever you game.

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