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Visualise your designs

Collaborate with your team across any distance to review every aspect. From the big picture to the finest details.

Evaluate, provide feedback, Incorporate CAD designs, complex data and implement 3D changes in real-time.

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Virtual Prototyping

Leverage mixed reality technology to generate virtual replicas of physical products and environments.

This empowers both designers and engineers with advanced visualisation, interactive capabilities, and collaborative tools, facilitating seamless engagement with complex equipment and machinery.

These functionalities enable the early detection of potential flaws, mitigating the need for costly maintenance or tooling adjustments.

3D Modeling and Rendering

Develop immersive walkthroughs, virtual tours, and true-to-scale digital twin environments to revolutionize architectural design processes.

Through accurate simulation of lighting, acoustics, and other environmental factors, designers can optimize their creations.

This approach enhances functionality and elevates the customer experience, all while minimizing delays, expenses associated with physical models, and the need for construction modifications.

Data Visualisation and Interactive Experiences

Examine intricate data sets within an immersive visual environment, delving into geographic information, scientific models, or intricate graphs and charts within a three-dimensional space.

This approach fosters the development of innovative methods for comprehending and effectively communicating complex information.

Create captivating 3D environments, characters, and game mechanics that provide users with an immersive and lifelike gaming experience.

Collaborative Learning

Research indicates that VR trainees exhibit higher engagement levels, enhanced learning efficacy, and prolonged knowledge retention.

Enable multiple colleagues to undergo hands-on training simultaneously in a true-to-life environment, seamlessly and securely, without disrupting workplace operations.

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Safety Training

Elevate safety training standards by leveraging immersive and realistic XR environments. These environments allow for the simulation of high-risk scenarios, enabling trainees to practice identifying potential hazards, implementing proper safety protocols, and responding adeptly to emergencies.

By providing a controlled setting, this approach enhances information retention and muscle memory, ensuring optimal preparedness for real-world challenges.

Technical Training

Enhance technical training effectiveness through immersive, hands-on learning experiences that facilitate a deeper understanding of complex concepts. From engineering and medicine to aviation and manufacturing, mastery of critical procedures is fostered.

By minimizing reliance on physical equipment and resources, this scalable training solution offers accessibility from any location, streamlining the learning process and optimizing skill acquisition.

Communication Skills

Augment the refinement of interpersonal and communication skills by replicating real-life interactions, including presentations, negotiations, and customer service scenarios.

This immersive approach enables trainees to enhance their communication, empathy, and problem-solving abilities. With the provision of immediate feedback and guidance, trainees experience accelerated improvement in their skill development.

Virtualy Work Together

Even when working remotely, trust-building and team cohesion are achievable goals. Teams can unite across multiple locations in an immersive 3D environment, free from external distractions.

This platform fosters collaboration and connection beyond the constraints of the physical world, enabling seamless interaction and productivity regardless of geographical boundaries.

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Virtual Meetings and Discussions

With solutions like VIVERSE for Business, simulate physical meeting rooms for remote teams, facilitating daily syncs, conferences, seminars, and all-hands corporate gatherings.

Participants engage through life-like avatars, participating in virtual discussions, presentations, and brainstorming sessions using interactive VR tools to enhance collaboration and productivity.

Virtual Events

Overcome geographical barriers and broaden audience reach and diversity without the need for travel.

Elevate engagement and leave a lasting impression by transforming tradeshows, concerts, and product launches into captivating, interactive experiences for audiences.

Multiuser Training

Efficiently accommodate larger groups for on-location, multi-user training using tools such as the VIVE Location-Based Software Suite (LBSS).

This platform enhances skill development and reinforces critical procedures, fostering muscle memory, boosting confidence, and maintaining training consistency across the board.

Product Solutions we Offer by VIVE

VIVE Focus 3

A device that delivers best-in-class graphics, ergonomic comfort, and advanced business applications, transforming the way you work.


The convertible, high-performance, all-in-one VIVE XR Elite offers fully immersive virtual and mixed reality experiences in a compact form factor.

VIVE Pro 2

The highly anticipated sequel to the award-winning PCVR series. Experience next-level graphics quality and ergonomic design, meticulously crafted for business applications.

Companies that Use VIVE Solutions


"With HTC VIVE and The Wild’s assistance, they have achieved their vision of working more collaboratively in a virtual creative space and eliminated the drudgery of the selling season kick-off for good".

BAA Training

"Building a virtual cockpit and experiencing it through hardware like the HTC VIVE Focus 3 is just the kind of innovative technology we need".


"The automobile industry is but one of many industries whose complex development process has been made easier, more efficient, and more collaborative thanks to the work of VIVE, Autodesk, and NVIDIA".


"The automobile industry is but one of many industries whose complex development process has been made easier, more efficient, and more collaborative thanks to the work of VIVE, Autodesk, and NVIDIA".


"The technology is easy to use, comfortable and highly durable, making it ideal for immersive training".

Electrolux Group Design

"We can iterate rapidly on our 3D models and try them out again and again. We can try out experiences that just aren’t possible with physical mock-ups".

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