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Discover our range of virtual reality guns shotguns and rifles. Achieve seamless integration with satisfyingly realistic features. Our gun stocks come with customisable settings, so you can play your way. Our range are made from sturdy materials built to withstand extensive usage.

For Oculus Quest 2

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VR Assault Rifle Stock

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VR Shotgun Stock

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VR Sub Machine Gun Stock

For Meta Quest 3

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Sub Machine Pistol Stocks

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Assault Rifle Stock

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Revolver Stocks


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Magnetic Gun Stock

Why VR Gun Stocks?

Immersive Realism

Elevate your virtual reality gaming experience with one of the best VR gun stock options on the market. Add a tangible and realistic dimension to virtual shotgun interactions for heightened immersion.

Precision and Control

Enhance your aiming accuracy and control in virtual reality shooting scenarios, as the VR gun stock provides stability and a tactile interface, allowing for a more precise and satisfying gameplay experience.

Competitive Edge

Gain a competitive advantage in multiplayer VR shooting games by investing in a VR gun stock or controller, offering better stability and control over in-game firearms, potentially improving your overall performance in virtual reality gun battles.

Common Questions

What Is A VR Gun Stock?

Enhance the immersive experience in VR shooting games.

Typically consists of a physical frame or stock to which VR motion controllers are attached, mimicking the feel of holding a real firearm.

Users can hold the VR gun stock for added stability and control, making aiming and shooting in the virtual environment more intuitive and realistic.

By providing a tangible and tactile representation of a weapon, the VR gun stock aims to create a more immersive and engaging virtual reality experience for users participating in shooting simulations or games.

What Compatability Does The VR Gun Stocks Have?

The compatibility of VR guns varies; certain models are designed to work seamlessly with Oculus Quest 1, 2 and 3, while others are optimized for PS VR2.

To explore compatibility details, simply select the product you are interested in purchasing and delve into the accompanying product description for comprehensive information.

What Are The Build Quality And Weight Of Them?

The VR gun stocks are built to last with hardened plastic they are equally lightweight for easy movement but also immune to damage when used correctly, their weight will vary!

How adjustable is the VR gun stock to ensure a comfortable and personalized fit?

Each VR gun stock is unique; some feature adjustable straps, while others incorporate clips. Additionally, some models allow you to easily insert the controller directly into the stock.

What are other users saying about the VR gun stocks? Are there any common issues or positive aspects mentioned in reviews?

Explore our comprehensive reviews, showcasing a variety of VR gun stocks. Click here: https://virtualrealmvr.com/a/page/top-reviews to browse through all featured reviews, or select your preferred VR gun stock to access specific product feedback.

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