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XREAL Air AR Glasses

XREAL Air AR Glasses

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  • XREAL: Augmented Reality Redefined:
    • Portable 130-inch projection screen for cinematic experiences.
    • 201-inch AR space for lifelike 3D films and versatile activities.
    • Lightweight and efficient design for cloud gaming, productivity, and virtual adventures.
    • Winner of the prestigious iF Design Award.
  • Next-Generation User Interactions:
    • XREAL's AR glasses redefine user interactions by merging the physical and digital worlds.
    • XREAL introduces cutting-edge AR glasses: XREAL Air and XREAL Light.
    • Utilizes self-developed 3D interactive system Nebula and MythReal Optical Engine.
  • Immersive Projection and Display:
    • Sky screen measuring 201 inches and space projection screen spanning 130 inches.
    • Transform surroundings into a captivating visual realm.
    • Enjoy a 60-inch TV, a 12-inch tablet, or a 6.5-inch mobile phone experience with unparalleled sharpness and vibrant colours.
  • Retina-Level Display Technology:
    • Spatial retina-level display with OLED true colour and 108% sRGB colour gamut.
    • 3840x1080 double optical path for sharp, high-definition visuals.
    • 49 pixels per degree (49PPD), over 0.7 MTF, 400 nits eye brightness, 46-degree FOV, 60Hz refresh rate, and 100,000:1 contrast ratio.
  • Certified Eye Protection:
    • Germany Rhine has three authoritative certifications for eye health.
    • TUV Rhine low blue light and no-strobe technology for fatigue-free viewing.
    • Self-developed optical engine 2.0 enhances stability and ensures clear vision.
  • Package:
    • XREAL Air x1, Storage Box x1, Nose pads x1, Hood x1, Myopia frame x1, USB-C data cable x1, and Glasses cloth x1.


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