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Rokid Air VR Glasses

Rokid Air VR Glasses

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Resolution and Refresh Rate: With a resolution of 1920 x 1080 x 2, the Rokid Air Glasses deliver sharp and detailed visuals, enhancing the immersion and visual fidelity of the augmented reality content. The glasses feature a refresh rate of 75Hz, ensuring smooth and fluid motion, reducing motion blur, and providing a more lifelike experience.

Lightweight Design: Weighing in at just 85g, the Rokid Air Glasses prioritize comfort and portability. The lightweight construction ensures that users can wear the glasses for extended periods without feeling burdened, making them ideal for various activities such as gaming, entertainment, or professional use.

Display Features: The Rokid Air Glasses boast a bright and vivid display with a brightness of 1800 Nits, ensuring clear visuals even in bright environments. The glasses cater to individuals with myopia, supporting diopters ranging from 0.00 to -5.00 D, allowing users to enjoy immersive AR content without the need for additional corrective lenses. The optical display offers a field of view (FOV) of 43 degrees, delivering an expansive and engaging visual experience.

AI Interaction and Voice Recognition: High-performance noise-cancelling microphones, the Rokid Air Glasses facilitate clear and crisp voice communication. With dual microphones, users can engage in conversations, voice commands, and voice-activated features seamlessly. The glasses also incorporate AI voice recognition technology, further enhancing the user experience and enabling intuitive interactions with the augmented reality environment.

Audio Experience: The Rokid Air Glasses offer an exceptional audio experience with their HD directional speakers. With two speakers integrated into the glasses, users can enjoy immersive and high-quality sound, enhancing their AR experience and immersing themselves fully in the audio-rich content.

Device Compatibility:

iPhones running on iOS 11 or later: The Rokid Air Glasses seamlessly support iPhones with iOS 11 or later versions, enabling users to enjoy immersive augmented reality experiences on their Apple devices.

Android Phones without DisplayPort over USB Type-C: For Android phones lacking DisplayPort over USB Type-C, the Rokid adapter bridges the gap, allowing users to connect their devices to the glasses and unlock a world of augmented reality content.

Gaming Consoles (PS5, PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, etc.): The Rokid Air Glasses cater to gaming enthusiasts by providing compatibility with popular gaming consoles, allowing for an enhanced and immersive gaming experience like never before.

Desktop Computers and Laptops with HDMI Port: Users can easily connect the Rokid Air Glasses to their desktop computers or laptops that feature an HDMI port, expanding the possibilities for work, entertainment, and productivity.

Box includes Rokid air glasses, glasses case, USB-c to USB-C cable, nose pad, user guide, glasses cleaning cloth.


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