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Introducing the INMO Go, your ultimate portable AI assistant designed to accompany you wherever you go. Whether you're travelling abroad, exploring the outdoors, or simply navigating your daily routine, the INMO Go is your reliable companion.

Jarvis Glasses: See The Future In Advance

With the INMO Go, you gain access to the future with its advanced Jarvis Glasses technology. Experience augmented reality like never before and unlock a new dimension of possibilities with futuristic insights at your fingertips.

Your Travel Guide: Overseas Travel Translation

Navigate the intricacies of overseas travel with ease using the INMO Go's translation capabilities. Break down language barriers effortlessly and communicate smoothly in different languages, making your travel experiences seamless and enjoyable.

AI Tour Guide: Ask Questions and Get Answers

Embark on guided tours with confidence as the INMO Go serves as your knowledgeable AI tour guide. With expertise in astronomy, geography, and more, the INMO Go provides informative answers to your questions, enriching your exploration.

Your Outdoor Assistant: Cycling/Walking Navigation

Stay on course during outdoor adventures with the INMO Go's navigation features. Whether you're cycling or walking, navigate without looking down and keep your hands free for an immersive and safe experience.

Music: Essential On-The-Go

Enjoy your favourite tunes wherever you go with the INMO Go's high-quality stereo sound. Immerse yourself in music on-the-go and elevate your auditory experience with surround sound technology.

Your Work Assistant: Notifications & Schedule Reminders

Stay organised and productive with the INMO Go's work assistant features. Receive notifications and schedule reminders from mainstream apps, ensuring you never miss important information or appointments.

Teleprompter: Speak, Present, or Teach with Confidence

Conquer public speaking engagements with ease using the INMO Go's teleprompter feature. Speak confidently without forgetting your words, whether presenting, teaching, or delivering speeches.

Business Translation: Your Portable Translator

Facilitate overseas visits and exchanges with the INMO Go's business translation capabilities. Break down language barriers and communicate effectively in professional settings, enhancing your business interactions.

Your Spoken Language Teacher: TOEFL/IELTS Practice

Prepare for language proficiency exams with the INMO Go's spoken language teaching feature. Practice TOEFL or IELTS exercises and improve your language skills on-the-go.

Cutting-Edge Technology: Lightweight Body With Strong Battery Life

Experience cutting-edge technology with the INMO Go's lightweight design and durable battery. Wear it comfortably all day long and enjoy up to 7 hours of battery life, ensuring uninterrupted usage wherever you go.

Boosted By Cutting-Edge Micro-Display Technology: Up To 2000 Nits Brightness

With micro-LED display technology, the INMO Go delivers crisp and clear visuals even in bright outdoor environments. Experience enhanced visibility and readability wherever you go.

Built-in Prescription Frames: Magnetic Sunglasses Lens

Customize your INMO Go experience with built-in prescription frames, allowing users with myopia or astigmatism to configure their glasses for optimal vision. Instantly transform your lenses into sunglasses with magnetic attachments for added convenience.

Stereo Sound: Industrial Design

Embrace practicality and style with the INMO Go's industrial design philosophy. Featuring a titanium frame, air cushion nose pad, and sleek black finish, the INMO Go is not only functional but also a stylish tech accessory that complements your lifestyle.


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