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Meta Quest 3 Wall Mountable Charging Dock and Headset/Controller Storage Rack

Meta Quest 3 Wall Mountable Charging Dock and Headset/Controller Storage Rack

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Elevate Your Meta Quest 3 Experience with the Wall Mountable Charging Dock and Storage Rack

Experience the utmost convenience and organization with our Meta Quest 3 Wall Mountable Charging Dock and Storage Rack. This versatile accessory is tailored to enhance your Meta Quest 3 VR headset and controller usage. Here's what it offers:

Compatible with Meta Quest 3: Our charging dock and storage rack are designed specifically for your Meta Quest 3 headset and controllers. It's a perfect fit, ensuring that your valuable VR gear is neatly organized and within easy reach.

Effortless Controller Charging: Charging your Meta Quest 3 controllers has never been easier. Simply remove the controller battery cover, install the provided rechargeable battery, and reattach the battery cover. This efficient charging method guarantees you have fully charged controllers ready for your next adventure.

Flexible Assembly Options: You have the freedom to choose how you'd like to set up this charging dock and storage rack. It can be conveniently placed on your desktop for easy access. Or, if you prefer to save space and keep your area tidy, you can mount it on the wall. The wall mounting process is straightforward, and you'll love the clean, clutter-free look it provides.

Charging Indicator Lights: Stay informed about your charging progress with clear indicator lights. When your controllers are charging, the light is red. Once they're fully charged, the light turns green. For your Meta Quest 3 glasses, red indicates charging, and blue signals when they are fully charged. This feature ensures you never have to guess about your device's charging status.

Secure and Stable: The charging dock and storage rack come with non-slip feet on the bottom, guaranteeing a stable placement. Your Meta Quest 3 headset and controllers will be safe and secure, minimizing any risk of accidental falls or damage.


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