VIVE Wrist Tracker

Crafted to seamlessly integrate with the inside-out tracking of the VIVE Focus 3 and VIVE XR Elite, this lightweight and versatile VR tracker offers enhanced hand tracking when worn on the wrist. Alternatively, it can be attached to real-world objects, allowing for their tracking within your virtual environment.

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Key Features

Advanced Accuracy

The VIVE Wrist Tracker enables the headset cameras to track from the hand to the elbow, even when objects obstruct the hand, ensuring better tracking and natural movement of your avatar.

Out-of-sight Tracking

High-frequency IMU data and an advanced kinematic model allow the VIVE Wrist Tracker to predict its motion trajectories, even when it is temporarily out of the camera's view.

Small, Light, Long Lasting

85% smaller and 50% lighter than the VIVE Focus 3 controller, weighing just 63g. It offers up to four hours of continuous use and features an LED indicator for battery status. Charging is convenient via a USB-C connector.


The strap can be easily removed for cleaning or completely switched out for a different one. Standard 22mm lugs serve as attachment points for custom 3D printed mounting solutions as well.


VIVE Wrist Tracker Specifications

Tracking - Supports VIVE Focus 3 & VIVE XR Elite

Status Indicator - LED

Input - Power button, App button, USB Type-C Connector

Charging - USB-C Port

Attachment - Watchband size: 22mm

Weight - 63 grams

Dimensions - 87mm x 59mm x 45mm 

Auto Pairing - Yes

Battery Life - Up to 4 hours

Inside the Box

VIVE Wrist Tracker

USB Type-C Charging Cable

How it works

Enhanced hand tracking

The VIVE Wrist Tracker operates similarly to the VIVE Focus 3 and VIVE XR Elite controllers. Its LEDs are detected directly by the headset's tracking cameras to ensure precise inside-out tracking.

6DoF Object Tracking

Utilizing the same tracking technology as the controllers, the VIVE Wrist Tracker can be easily attached to real-world objects and tracked with full 6DoF (six degrees of freedom).

Upgrade 3DoF to 6DoF

Connect a 3DoF controller or 3DoF-tracked object along with the VIVE Wrist Tracker to the headset. The tracker can detect the angle and rotation of the 3DoF sensor, providing a complete 6DoF (six degrees of freedom) experience.

Use Cases of Wrist Tracker

Officer Training

Equip officers for real-world scenarios with hand tracking and realistic tasers and tools.

Fire Safety Training

Train first responders to combat various types of fires using a 6DoF-tracked fire extinguisher, all without the associated risks.

Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation

Track the full range of motion of your patient's fingers, hands, and arms for enhanced data collection, optimizing their physical therapy treatment.

Sports Simulation

Simulate game day by enabling athletes to train with their own hands in immersive virtual training environments.

Developer resources

Hand-tracking support

VIVE Wave is an XR runtime and toolset with an open interface that facilitates easy mobile XR content development and high-performance device optimization for third-party partners. Content developers can also access the pose and button events of the VIVE Wrist Tracker through the Wave SDK.

PC-VR content support

VIVE Wrist Tracker's advanced hand tracking capability is compatible with most PC-VR content utilizing hand tracking. The PC-VR streaming application, VIVE Business Streaming, inherently supports VIVE Wrist Tracker. Hand tracking functionality is compatible with PC-VR applications that support OpenVR Skeletal Input and the OpenXR Hand Tracking API.

Object mounting solutions

Access our CAD files to design, prototype, and construct VIVE Wrist Tracker mounting solutions tailored to your project's specifications.

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