Vive Focus 3 Eye Tracker

Achieve a heightened level of VR immersion with foveated rendering and eye-movement analytics. This user-friendly add-on magnetically attaches to your device and offers IPD adjustment to optimize eye comfort.

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Key Features

IPD Adjustment

IPD Adjustment with eye tracking guidance

Tracking Cameras

The dual-camera setup, supported by IR illuminators, captures data on gaze origin and direction, pupil size and position, and eye openness.

Magnetic Attatch

The lightweight module attaches magnetically to the headset without compromising its balanced ergonomics.


VIVE Focus 3 Eye Tracker Specifications

Headset Compatibility - VIVE Focus 3

Attatchment - Magetic

Connectivity - USB Type-C

Weight - 54g

Eye Tracking Specifications

Gaze data output frequency (Binocular) - 120Hz

Accuracy - 0.5 ~ 1.1 Degrees

Calibration - 5 Points

Data Output - Timestamp | Gaze Origin & Direction | Pupil Position & Diameter | Eye openness | Issue Detector

Interface - WAVE SDK, OpenXR support for all-in-one VR

SDK Engine Compatibility - Unity, Unreal

Inside the Box

VIVE Focus 3 Eye Tracker

Gasket Spacer

USB Type-C Cable

Quick Start & Safety Guides

Warranty Card

Benefits of Eye Tracking

Emotion is Added

Enhance communication by incorporating eye movement to convey emotion and expression, enabling more natural interactions.

Eye Movement

Utilize heat mapping and gaze tracking to measure duration and determine direction, enabling enhanced analysis of user behavior.

Simplify Inputs

By implementing gaze-based menu navigation. This allows users to point, select, and zoom without controllers, making content accessible for individuals with limited mobility.

Discover More

Bring avatars to life

Human interactions Boosted in VR

Incorporate realistic eye movement into virtual avatars to showcase expressive, non-verbal interactions during virtual conferences, chat groups, and VIVE Sync remote meetings.

Performance Capture

Easy and Quick animated movement

Capture facial performances to create animations for game production, as well as AR and VR experiences.

Foveated Rendering

GPU workload allocated, dynamically

Utilize eye tracking for dynamic foveated rendering, optimizing performance by focusing rendering resources on the line of sight rather than peripheral vision.

Developer resources


VIVE Wave facilitates easy XR content development and high-performance device optimization for third-party applications.


OpenXR is a royalty-free, open standard that offers high-performance access to augmented reality and virtual reality platforms and devices.

MetaHuman Support

The VIVE Focus 3 Eye and Facial Tracker can both connect to high-fidelity MetaHuman digital characters in Unreal Engine. *Unreal Engine is required for character rigging.

VIVE Business Streaming

VIVE Business Streaming enables the streaming of SteamVR™ compatible content from your computer to the Focus 3.

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