Apple's big announcement! Apple's AR headset; are they the future?

Apples big announcement 

On Monday, June 5th, 2023, Apple kicked off its highly anticipated annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), making waves with a series of exciting product updates. Among the highlights was the much-anticipated unveiling of the Vision Pro, Apple's groundbreaking take on a mixed reality headset. This cutting-edge device promises to seamlessly merge virtual content with our everyday reality, revolutionizing the way we interact with technology.

While the Vision Pro boasts two physical buttons for direct control, Apple's innovative approach encourages users to engage with the headset through a combination of intuitive body language and voice commands. By leveraging these natural forms of communication, Apple aims to create an immersive experience that caters to both entertainment and professional use cases.

As if the buzz surrounding the Vision Pro wasn't enough, Apple also dropped a major announcement regarding its release date. Anticipation is building as the tech giant has set an ambitious timeline, planning to launch the product in early 2024. However, with an initial price tag of $3,499, the question on everyone's mind is whether this groundbreaking headset will live up to its steep price.

Is the Steep $3499 price justified?

In light of the tremendous anticipation surrounding Apple's latest offering, the Vision Pro mixed reality headset, concerns have arisen regarding its substantial price tag of $3,499. While this figure may initially raise eyebrows, it's essential to consider Apple's track record of delivering exceptional products that surpass expectations. With a brand known for pushing technological boundaries, there's undoubtedly a reason behind the seemingly high price.

The widespread belief among tech enthusiasts is that the Apple AR headset represents a significant leap forward in this burgeoning technology. As pioneers in the industry, Apple has consistently introduced groundbreaking innovations that shape the future of consumer electronics. By being an early adopter of the Vision Pro, consumers will have the privilege of experiencing the cutting edge of mixed reality, thus justifying the premium attached to it.

Cheaper alternatives to Apples AR/VR headset 


When it comes to augmented reality glasses, the Nreal Air glasses stand out as a compelling option, offering impressive features at an affordable price of only £399.99. In fact, these glasses are already capable of delivering on the promises made by the Apple AR headset, but without the hefty price tag and with immediate availability. With the Nreal Air glasses, users can seamlessly blend digital content with the real world, just as they would with Apple's offering.

Not only are the Nreal Air glasses highly functional, but they also excel in terms of comfort and style. With a lightweight design, they offer a superior wearing experience compared to the bulkier Apple headset. Additionally, their sleek and fashionable appearance enhances their appeal.

While the Nreal Air glasses provide an exceptional augmented reality experience, it's important to note that they lack the ability to switch to virtual reality, unlike the Apple headset. However, a viable solution to this limitation is to supplement the Nreal Air glasses with a separate VR headset such as the Pico 4 or Meta Quest. By combining the Nreal Air glasses with a VR headset, users can enjoy both augmented reality and virtual reality experiences. The added benefit is that the combined cost of the Nreal Air glasses and a separate VR headset, totaling $1,042, is significantly lower—less than one-third of the price of Apple's latest offering—and these alternatives are readily available now.