Battery Life Extension Update for eteeControllers


Have you ever found yourself in the middle of an intense VR session only to have your etee controller shut down unexpectedly, even though you were sure there was plenty of battery left? This frustrating experience is all too common, but there's good news on the horizon. As the developers behind etee controllers, we understand your pain and have been working hard to enhance your experience. Our latest beta firmware release promises to significantly improve battery life and ensure you can enjoy uninterrupted gaming sessions. In this blog, you'll learn about the improvements we've made, how to opt into the beta, and tips for maximizing your controller's battery life.

Understanding the New Firmware Update

One of the key updates in this beta release is a new fuel gauge algorithm. Previously, the BQ27441 component's inaccurate fuel gauge estimations often caused the controller to turn off prematurely, even when there was still plenty of battery left. This issue was a major source of frustration for our users, and we knew we had to address it.

The new firmware implements an advanced algorithm that provides more accurate battery level detection. This means you can safely use your controller until the battery is truly depleted, making the most of its power. The average battery lifetime with the new firmware is now 4.5 to 5 hours with haptics enabled and up to 6 hours without haptics.

Benefits of More Efficient Haptics

In addition to the new fuel gauge algorithm, we've also made the haptics in SteamVR more efficient. Haptics, or the vibrations you feel during gameplay, are crucial for an immersive experience, but they can drain your battery quickly. With the updated firmware, you get the same user experience with significantly less battery consumption. This optimization ensures that your controller lasts longer without compromising on the tactile feedback that's so essential for VR.

How to Opt Into the Beta

To experience these improvements, you need to opt into the beta release. Here’s a simple step-by-step guide:

  1. Activate the eteeConnect Beta Branch:

    • Open eteeConnect on your device.
    • Navigate to the settings menu.
    • Select the option to join the beta program.
  2. Update Your Controller Firmware:

    • Once you've joined the beta program, go to the firmware update section.
    • Download and install the firmware version 1.3.10.beta.0. You can find the download link HERE.

Following these steps will ensure that your controller is running the latest beta firmware with all the battery life improvements.

Maximising Battery Life

To get the most out of your controller’s battery, consider these additional tips:

  • Deactivate Haptics: If you don’t need haptics for a particular session, you can turn them off to extend your battery life up to 6 hours. You can find the option to deactivate haptics in the settings menu of eteeConnect.
  • Keep Firmware Updated: Always ensure you’re running the latest firmware, as updates often include performance improvements and bug fixes.
  • Optimal Charging: Avoid overcharging your controllers. Once they’re fully charged, unplug them to maintain battery health over time.


The new beta firmware for etee controllers addresses one of the most common frustrations—premature shutdowns due to inaccurate battery level detection. With a new fuel gauge algorithm and more efficient haptics, you can enjoy longer gaming sessions without interruptions. Opting into the beta is straightforward, and following our tips can help you maximise your controller’s battery life even further. Give the beta a try and experience the improvements for yourself. Happy gaming! 

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