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Silicone Protective Case for PICO 4

Silicone Protective Case for PICO 4

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Chic Protection for Pico 4 VR: Silicone Protective Case

Elevate the style and protection of your Pico 4 VR headset with our Silicone Protective Case, available in chic White, Blue, and Red color options. Crafted from high-quality material, this case is not only scratch-resistant but also sweat-resistant, ensuring your device stays in top-notch condition even during intense VR sessions.

Simple and Compact Design for a Stylish Look

Embrace simplicity and style with the Silicone Protective Case's simple and compact design. The bright colors add a vibrant touch to your device, giving it a chic and modern appearance. This accessory not only safeguards your Pico 4 VR headset but also enhances its aesthetic appeal.

Tailored for Pico 4 VR Headset

Designed specifically for Pico 4 VR Headsets, this Protective Sleeve Cover ensures a precise fit. The tailored design guarantees full coverage, protecting your device from scratches, sweat, and other potential damages. Enjoy peace of mind as you explore the virtual world with enhanced protection.

Single Protective Cover for Effortless Style

The package includes one Protective Cover, allowing you to choose from White, Blue, or Red to match your preferences. Enhance the look of your Pico 4 VR headset effortlessly with this stylish and functional accessory. Please note that other accessories depicted in the picture are not included.

Specifications and Package Inclusions

Crafted from durable silicone material, the Silicone Protective Case is available in White, Blue, and Red color options. Ensure compatibility with your Pico 4 VR Headset for a seamless fit. Each package includes one Protective Cover to transform your device's appearance and provide reliable protection.

Note: Allow for 1-2cm errors due to manual measurement. The actual color of the item may vary due to differences between monitors.


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