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  • Pico 4 VR Headset Overview:

    • Designed for an exceptional virtual reality experience.
    • Lightweight design for comfort during extended use.
    • Enhanced visual quality with advanced optics.
  • Lightweight Design: Enhanced Comfort for Extended Use:

    • Front section weight reduced by 26%, thickness by 38%.
    • Effortless wearability for extended VR exploration.
    • Comfortable experience without neck strain.
  • Balanced Wearability: A Perfect Fit for Every User:

    • Meticulously designed for even weight distribution.
    • Center of gravity close to the face.
    • Rear-end cushion for additional support.
    • Enjoy immersive content without imbalanced discomfort.
  • Improved Vision: A Clearer and Wider Field of View:

    • Optical lens provides a wider, clearer field of view.
    • FOV of 105° and 4K+ visual sense screen (4320 * 2160 resolution).
    • Stunning visuals for a realistic and immersive VR experience.
  • Precision Adjustments: Customized to Fit Your Needs:

    • Stepless electric pupillary distance adjustment (62-72mm).
    • 6DOF space positioning, high-precision 4-eye environment tracking.
    • Improved infrared optical positioning system for accurate tracking.
  • Immersive Experience: Unleash the Power of Sensory Engagement:

    • Hypersense shock handle for realistic vibrations (50Hz to 500Hz).
    • Pico somatosensory tracker with 3DoF space positioning and leg motion tracking.
    • Fully immersed in a limitless virtual world.
  • All-Inclusive Bundle:

    • 1x Helmet for immersive experience.
    • 2x Controllers for seamless interaction.
    • 1x Glass Holder for clear vision.
    • 2x Handle Lanyards for convenient handling.
    • 1x Data Cable for seamless connectivity.
    • 1x Power Adapter for uninterrupted power supply.
  • Don't Miss Out:

    • Experience a new realm of virtual reality.
    • Cutting-edge Hypersence shock handle for lifelike VR encounters.
    • Uninterrupted VR exploration for hours of enjoyment.



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